Michaela Lawtoo

Inspired by the interplay between visual forms and bodily forces, my art finds artistic expression in different media and practices that are as visual as they are embodied, as spiritual as they are immanent and material. From painting to yoga, design to video, I draw inspiration from aesthetic, bodily, and material forces that feed the movement of my work from the inside-out.

“Der Mensch, der Künstler, das Werk- das ist alles Eines.”
Eugen Herrigel, Zen in der Kunst des Bogenschiessens

I’m interested in the in-between status of processes that escape visual perception but can be felt, touched, and experienced. Thus, if yoga allows me to get in touch with bodily forces from the outside-in, my paintings express these invisible forces from the inside-out. I often draw them blindfolded in order to express a force in movement, rather than a static form. Similarly, but via a different medium, my videos represent the interplay of an (in)visible body in movement in a wider natural context that roots the self back in the materiality of nature.

Time.To Change!

Kunstroute 2019: Art'n Vielfalt

Together, these artistic media explore the in-between status of existence. They are located in-between binaries (inside/outside, light/heavy, visual/haptic, closed/open) that articulate “different shades of grey.” I see these artistic practices not as disconnected from life but, rather, as a way to both affirm and experience art as a way of life.


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